The Inspirational Kitchen Work Triangle

You’ve decided it’s time to update your old tired kitchen and the planning stage is about to get underway. You’re looking for a unique, practical solution, but where should you begin? The kitchen work triangle is always a good place to start. Conceived in the 1940s, it is an imaginery triangle drawn from the centres of the three main areas of your kitchen, food storage, preparation and cooking.

Calculating your Kitchen Work Triangle

From the centre of your fridge draw a line to the centre of your sink, then on to the centre of your cooker and back to the centre of your fridge. This creates the kitchen work triangle of your kitchen design.

The three sides of this kitchen work triangle should add up to between 3.6 metres and 6.6 metres. Time and motion studies have shown that this will help your kitchen function as efficiently as possible. It is the busiest part of your kitchen so always remember this area needs to be clear and obstruction free.

Kitchen Work Triangle

Kitchen Work Triangle

Moving forward from the cramped kitchens of the 1940s to present day, practical kitchen design has evolved in many ways as spaces have become larger. The kitchen now serves as a main room which may also include a dining and or lounge area. Keeping your main cooking area away from the eating, relaxing and entertaining zones will help establish a functional layout solution.

Working With You

Each home is different, people’s needs and wish lists vary. We’re with you every step of the way from the very beginning, to assist you in creating your new bepoke space. Every handcrafted interior is designed alongside you, the customer, to help create a unique and practical design.

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